Meet our Founders Meet our Founders

Why We Started New Chapter

We founded New Chapter® nearly 30 years ago out of a desire to bring the healing value of nature's botanicals into people's lives. From the beginning we formed a firm commitment to utilizing the whole plant, in its pure, unadulterated form and to make a contribution through every innovation. Nature, in its wholeness, offers a profound opportunity for healing. Our mission then was the same as it is today: To deliver the Wisdom of Nature to all those seeking natural wellness. It is our hope that people will experience a new chapter in health from using our products, and join us in offering gratitude to the healing sustenance of herbs and whole foods.

—Paul and Barbi Schulick

Our History

Paul and Barbi Schulick started New Chapter in 1982, but Paul's passion for healing began as a young child while accompanying his pediatrician dad on house calls. While carrying his father's doctor bag, Paul understood that it wasn't simply the medicine that enlivened healing, but the loving care his father showed to his patients. By the early 1970's, Paul embarked on a formal study of alternative health. A love of herbs eventually led him into the natural foods retail business in 1977 and, soon after, he formalized his Master Herbalist training through The School of Natural Healing.

Seeking a like-minded community, Paul and Barbi moved to Brattleboro, Vermont in 1986, and prepared their herbal remedies in the back room of a redwood saltbox nestled high in the Black Mountains– a home they still live in today. What began at home soon expanded into larger and larger facilities as the demand for Paul's herbal formulations grew. These formulations were duly recognized as "new chapters" and set the stage for a procession of breakthrough formulations we now know as New Chapter food supplements – including the first line of whole food probiotic nutrients integrated with holistic herbal extracts.

Recognizing the tremendous healing potential of ginger in the early 1990s, Paul integrated supercritical extraction technology into a full line of ginger products. By 1994, while combing the globe for a reliable source of organic ginger, Paul partnered with Steven Farrell to found Luna Nueva, the first organic and now Biodynamic blue ring ginger farm in Costa Rica.

In 1999 Paul invited his college friend, Tom Newmark, to join him at New Chapter. The partnership has generated pioneering publications, innovative product development and dramatic growth.

Today, Paul and Barbi are still pivotal to daily business at New Chapter. Besides serving on executive leadership they each contribute their foundational energies. Paul heads up the Innovation team and continues to inspire the product development and formulations that have made New Chapter the recognized leader in the natural supplements field. Barbi works to enliven and sustain the mission-inspired culture the company has been from the start.