Dec 30 2016


Since 1982, New Chapter® has been rooted in a love of herbal healing and a desire to bring the remarkable value of Nature’s botanicals into people’s lives. When formulating products, we follow 10 key principles set out by Paul Schulick—New Chapter Founder, Formulator, and Master Herbalist.

1.     Bring Light
2.     Make a Contribution
3.     Do No Harm
4.     Acknowledge Tradition
5.     Use Common Sense
6.     1 + 1 > 2
7.     To Be Open
8.     Acknowledge Science
9.     To Be Light
10.    To Prosper

Every New Chapter product is created following these formulation principles and their inherent spirit. We also use the principles to guide our work with one another and with our extended circle of retailers and customers.

Bring light: We hold the highest intention to relieve suffering and support wellness, bringing the light of health and peace to all who seek it.

Make a contribution: We only create products that are innovations and represent a “new chapter”—whether as an improvement to an existing product, as a new offering within a supplement category, or as a unique contribution to the field of complementary healthcare.

Do no harm: We employ the Golden Rule, and create products we would—and do—give to our loved ones. We aim to support human health, community, and Mother Earth with every business decision we make.  As such, we are a Certified B Corporation, balancing people, planet, and profit.

Acknowledge tradition: Many New Chapter supplements are inspired by ancient herbal traditions from around the world. Like healers through the ages we deliver the wisdom of nature’s whole, pure ingredients.

Use common sense: It makes perfect sense to formulate supplements from whole foods and with a whole-food approach, avoiding synthetics, GMOs, and harmful chemicals.

1 + 1 > 2: The herbal blends in New Chapter products work together, contributing much more than the sum of their parts. And our innovations come from cross-functional teams who work in synergy to make high-quality, effective, and meaningful products.

To be open: We aim to be humble. We are receptive to surprises, contradictions, innovations, and opportunities. We tell the truth, and welcome the truth from others.

Acknowledge science: We carefully research and scientifically validate the action, identity, and efficacy of our Nature-inspired products.  We rely upon experts in every field we study, whether it is enzymes, herbs, or fermentation.

To be light: The creative energies of formulation flow when we remember to work with a sense of humor and with lightness. Sharing joy helps buoy our teams and we hope this joy shines out in every product we make.

To prosper: Our ultimate responsibility is to support health and wellness—helping you to thrive in your life and work. And we hope our products and business inspires and encourages much prosperity through the Wisdom of Nature.


Authors: PS/KI/RR

Oct 14 2016

What if the answer to global warming and world hunger is right under our feet—in the land and the way we take care of it? New Chapter is joining a growing climate-friendly agriculture movement that goes way beyond organic, called regenerative agriculture. Regenerative techniques have the power to reverse the worldwide depletion of farmable topsoil, and they can lower atmospheric CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels and start to reverse climate change. New Chapter passionately supports the regenerative agriculture movement… because we believe it’s essential for the healthy future of people and planet.

Carbon Negative for Good

Plants naturally draw down CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis, and store it in the soil. But industrial farming practices disrupt this system, releasing the CO2 and depleting the soil. Fortunately, replacing industrial practices with regenerative ones can reboot the natural cycle of removing carbon from the air by sequestering it in the ground. Modest calculations show carbon can be sequestered by the TON, and this can help reverse global warming. Soil regeneration practices include rotating crops, using cover crops, avoiding deep tilling, composting, and following organic standards. These techniques create healthy, carbon-rich soil that is full of organic matter and holds water like a sponge. Perfect for growing food and healing herbs.

Experience the Difference!

New Chapter travels the globe to find ingredients where they grow best, preferably using regenerative techniques, such as our premium Turmeric from organic farms in India. You can also see regenerative agriculture in action at our partner farm in Costa Rica, Finca Luna Nueva. This Biodynamic certified teaching farm is a remarkable model for how to grow the best quality crops in a way that’s great for the planet.

The Time is Now

Join New Chapter in adopting regenerative agriculture in your own garden and spreading the word about companies who are supporting regenerative agriculture on small- and large-scale farms. Good for soil, good for crops, good for people! Learn more at Regeneration International.

Jul 27 2016

Our Founders Share their Favorite Products

Paul & Barbi Schulick founded New Chapter® in 1982 out of a desire to bring the remarkable value of Nature’s botanicals into people’s lives. 

Paul & Barbi met as meditation teachers almost 40 years ago and have continued to meditate daily as a source of inspiration, acceptance, and inner clarity. Their commitment and devotion to creating and delivering quality vitamins and supplements has been equally steadfast and remarkable over the decades. Barbi leads weekly meditation sessions for New Chapter employees.

For this week’s blog, we asked Paul & Barbi about New Chapter’s history and a few products they love.

PAUL: We had a store that sold herbs, supplements, and other health products. I wanted to know more and to be of service to our customers, so I followed my passion and became a Master Herbalist. This led to the realization that utilizing the whole plant, in its pure, unadulterated form, created a profound opportunity for supporting well-being.

BARBI: As committed meditators, we continually discover the mystery of our humanness, awaiting our quiet and courageous exploration and our ultimate expression in the world. We mirror this commitment in our celebration of the whole herb which holds within it a mysterious synergy of healing mechanisms waiting to be tapped and utilised.

The heightened consciousness garnered in meditation can lead to real change and enriches our entire approach to life and work.

PAUL: From the beginning of making New Chapter supplements, we made a firm commitment to make a contribution through every innovation. And this contribution is based in Nature and its wholeness, which offers a profound opportunity for supporting well-being.

BARBI: Our mission then was the same as it is today: to Deliver the Wisdom of Nature to all those seeking natural wellness. We find that people experience a new chapter in health from using our products. That’s what it’s all about for us. We feel enormous gratitude for the healing sustenance of herbs and whole foods.

Paul is known for walking around New Chapter’s offices with a mason jar of green juice. Often queried about its contents, Paul reports that the ingredients are always changing. His delight in creating highly nutritious and delicious green smoothies parallels his commitment to quality and innovation in New Chapter’s products.

Paul’s favourite products include…

“…Every Man II Multivitamin and its gift of a daily multitude of fermentation jewels.”

He also recommends…

  • LifeShield Reishi, the #1 tonic in Chinese Traditional Medicine
  • Rhodiola Force for support of mental focus
  • Wholemega™ for the ideal Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio

Barbi’s favourites for herself include…

  • Zyflamend
  • Cinnamon Force
  • Bone Strength Take Care
  • Holy Basil Force
  • Wholemega
  • LifeShield Lion’s Mane Complex

“If I could only take one product, it would be Zyflamend, though I am also grateful to have Bone Strength Take Care as I skip into my later years.”

Authors: PS/BS/RR

Jun 3 2016

New Chapter: Discover a Whole-Food Approach to Vitamins and Supplements

We each have our reasons for taking natural health products. These include supporting everyday foundational health, seeking a targeted benefit, responding to your family history, and supporting dietary needs. The purpose of your supplement regimen is very personal! Still, many adults tend to align on the types of products they take. A recent consumer survey in the US (2013) found that:

  • 77% of supplement users take a multivitamin
  • 29% take vitamin D
  • 28% take an Omega-3 or fish oil
  • 28% take herbals (Green Tea, for example)
  • 26% take calcium
  • 24% take vitamin C

If you’re already taking one of these kinds of health products, or thinking about it, how do you decide which to try? Here at New Chapter®, it’s part of our formulation philosophy to give you “new chapters” in supplement choices, delivering products that are made to be different and truly innovative.

Here’s why New Chapter is like no other in four core categories:

  • Nourishing Multivitamins—New Chapter multivitamins are made with certified organic vegetables and herbs, and are Non-GMO Project Verified. Each multivitamin delivers 20+ nutrients for supporting your life stage needs—and the nutrients are individually fermented with beneficial probiotics (no live probiotics remain in the products). All New Chapter multivitamins and minerals are gentle on your stomach, including Every Man’s One Daily and Every Woman’s One Daily.
  • Bone Strength Take Care™—When is a Calcium supplement not from limestone? When it’s sourced from plants… sustainably harvested Red Marine Algae from Iceland, to be exact. Bone Strength Take Care’s easy-to-swallow Calcium complex also delivers Vitamins K2 and D3. Calcium when taken with sufficient Vitamin D, a healthy diet, and exercise may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Wholemega™ Whole Fish Oil—New Chapter’s premium fish oil delivers 17 whole omega fatty acids plus Vitamin D3 from sustainably caught Wild Alaskan Salmon. Wholemega helps support cognitive health and brain function. Wholemega has a difference you can actually see—pure salmon oil is a rich amber color, not the pale yellow of highly processed fish oil capsules.
  • Zyflamend™—Zyflamend is our herbal joint pain reliever! New Chapter’s premium blend of 10 pure herbs includes Turmeric, traditionally used in herbal medicine as an anti-inflammatory to help relieve joint pain. Zyflamend is 100% vegetarian and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Whatever your personal program and needs, New Chapter wishes you good health! Visit us on Twitter to join the conversation.

Apr 22 2016

Happy Earth Day from New Chapter® to you! New Chapter has given back to our local communities through donations and by volunteering since our founding over 30 years ago. This is important because a thriving, cared-for community supports our employees, their families and friends. And being committed to community participation is also part of being a Certified B Corp.

As Director of Sustainability and the leader of our philanthropy and outreach efforts, I’m always looking for ways that New Chapter can best support our New England community. This year, I challenged myself to significantly expand our volunteer program. We wanted to encourage more of our employees to be out in the community in areas that were meaningful to them as well as to New Chapter.

New Chapter already has a robust volunteer program. We give each of our employees eight hours per year to volunteer during the workday. Our employees do everything from spring cleaning at the local environmental education center to packing food bags for kids to take home from their local schools. But we wanted to increase the impact and the amount of volunteering done.

Dollars for Doers is the new and expanded program we are launching this year. How does it work? For every hour an employee volunteers on a New Chapter-sponsored day, we will donate $10/hour of their time to that organization. This way we hope to increase volunteer activity and increase New Chapter donations to local organizations.

I extend this challenge to you. What can you bring to your company that can also strengthen your community through giving back? Can you implement or participate in a volunteer day? If that seems overwhelming, how about grabbing eight friends and cleaning up the property outside of your office? Working together to better your community and the planet has a way of boosting morale and contributes to a sense of pride for your workplace. And it’s fun! I would love to hear what you do!

Happy Earth Day!


Feb 26 2016

Dateline: The Heart of Winter

Medicinal Herb Profile: Elderberry

Aliases: Sambucus nigra, European Elder, Black Elder

History & Tradition: Elderberry has been used for centuries in European herbal systems and has been called the “medicine chest of the country people.”

Area of Benefit: Elderberry Force, New Chapter’s Elderberry supplement made with super-pure fruit, is used in herbal medicine to help relieve symptoms of colds and flus, such as coughs and sore throat.

Source: New Chapter® goes to great lengths to source fine Elderberry from Austria. Elderberry Force also delivers super-pure Black Currant from Poland and France. Elderberry Force is Non-GMO Project Verified.

The New Chapter Difference: What makes this product so special? The fruits are extracted like no other, using a “true-to-fruit” process. This is a simple, purely mechanical filtration process that doesn’t use any solvents—not even water. The Elderberry or Black Currant is pushed through a very fine filter, and large molecules including sugars are filtered out. The smaller molecules, which are the fruit’s beneficial plant chemicals, pass through the filter. The result? Concentrated true-to-fruit extracts delivered without sugars. (Compare to Elderberry syrups and lozenges, which often have added sweeteners and flavours.)

true to fruit membrane extraction

The Whole Truth: New Chapter staff relies on Elderberry Force around this time of year!

What’s on your February supplement shelf? Visit us on Twitter to join the conversation!

Author: KI

Jan 29 2016

It's in the Stars ... Love and Mushrooms

It’s a fact: Mushrooms are notoriously tricky to identify. It’s possible to have two mushrooms that look similar to the eye, but are fundamentally different at a genetic level. So, for as long as humans have been benefiting from mushrooms as food and medicine, we’ve relied on experts to verify their correct identity. Mycologists (mushroom scientists) have been steadily building our body of knowledge on how to distinguish each unique type of mushroom. One of the best ways turns out to be DNA testing.

New Chapter’s LifeShield™ products give you mushroom strains that are identity assured. Every strain, from Reishi to Maitake to Turkey Tail—is carefully qualified and confirmed. This includes identification through mushroom DNA testing. We established a new gold standard in mushroom identification: taking the time to test each strain at the DNA level, then crosscheck and confirm the results with robust databases. Every batch is also tested against an established chemical fingerprint for that mushroom species to verify and confirm its identity. The result? With New Chapter LifeShield mushroom supplements, you can be sure that what you see is what you get!

New Chapter LifeShield mushrooms give you the wisdom of the whole fungi—preserving each mushroom’s profile of beneficial compounds, including fungal polysaccharides that regulate the body’s natural immune response. Learn more about our mushroom natural health products: LifeShield Reishi, LifeShield Lion’s Mane Complex, and LifeShield Immune Support.

Author: KI

Jan 4 2016

Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage, and Ginger Carrots

Happy New Year, and let’s raise a fermented beverage to a healthy 2016!

Have you noticed that fermentation has been in the spotlight lately? It seems like fermented foods, drinks, and condiments are being widely recognized for their distinctive qualities and nuanced flavours. From miso to kombucha, cultured butter to spicy kimchee, small-batch sauerkraut to artisanal yogurt, we’re loving all things fermented.

Fermentation is a process of “becoming.” It happens thanks to the life process of tiny beings—friendly microbes such as yeast and bacteria whose own life cycles and metabolisms help us humans stay healthy and fed. Milk meets a simple life form and becomes yogurt. Ordinary cabbage can become kimchee, grapes become wine, and flour becomes bread.

Of course fermentation is not just a trend—people have used it to enrich and preserve food for centuries. Paul Schulick, New Chapter’s Founder, Formulator, and Master Herbalist, researched fermentation for years and worked to bring this magic and vitality to the field of supplements. You can find it in New Chapter’s full line of unique fermented multivitamins.

How does someone ferment a vitamin? New Chapter’s proprietary process uses a nourishing broth of beneficial probiotics, Saccharomyces yeast, and whole foods to carefully culture a vitamin or mineral over many hours. The result? Fermented multivitamins and minerals that are gentle on the stomach! New Chapter multis deliver antioxidants for the maintenance of good health, among other targeted benefits (no live probiotics are in these products). Make New Chapter fermented multivitamins part of your healthy regimen for the new year!

Do you have a favourite fermented food? Did you know multivitamins can be fermented? Come join the conversation on Twitter!

Author: KI

Dec 18 2015


Roasts, stews, tamales, yams, pies, doughnuts, nogs. Holiday foods are cooking, and their fragrant smells include the spices near to our hearts here at New Chapter: Cinnamon, Ginger, and Turmeric. Cultures from around the world have loved these spices for centuries—using them for seasoning, for inspiring, for enjoying, even for bartering. Spices tend to have long, colorful histories!

Take Cinnamon, for example. From fragrant apple pie to spiced lamb shanks, from Mexican hot chocolate to crunchy granola, Cinnamon is a culinary superstar. It’s played a key role in trade, with Cinnamon imports recorded in Egypt as far back as 2000 BCE. At one time, Cinnamon was even more valuable than gold! Nowadays, New Chapter travels the globe to find the perfect Cinnamon for our Cinnamon Force™. In fact, we use two types of Cinnamon… and for each we deliver two kinds of extracts to offer this spice’s full symphony of compounds. Cinnamon Force helps support healthy blood glucose levels.

Can you guess which spice was described by Confucius and Marco Polo, recommended to Henry VIII as a remedy, and is a mainstay in the Indian practice of Ayurveda? This spice is also the main flavor in a popular soft drink and is pickled for a tangy sushi condiment. Yes, we’re talking Ginger—the beloved rhizome that brightens up everything from soup to stir-fry, from ginger ale to gingerbread. Healthwise, both long tradition and current research confirm Ginger’s wide variety of benefits. New Chapter’s Ginger Force™ delivers extracts of full-spectrum, whole Ginger. Ginger Force is clinically shown to help prevent nausea and vomiting.

And then there’s Turmeric. There’s so much to love about this richly hued but humble-looking root. Turmeric’s distinctive saffron color and earthy taste give many curries, pickles, and condiments their sunny color and complex character. From the ancient system of Ayurveda to hundreds of modern scientific studies, Turmeric is renowned for its unique compounds and many benefits. Turmeric Force™ delivers the King of Herbs, one of New Chapter’s favourites, and is in a liquid vegetarian capsule that lets you see the fresh, brilliant color of the Turmeric. Turmeric Force is an anti-inflammatory to help relieve joint pain.

What are your favourite spices for the holidays… or every day? Visit us on Twitter and let us know!

Author: KI

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Dec 4 2015

December seems like a time of year when many fond memories are made. We asked employees from around New Chapter for stories of the season—here’s what they shared!

Hot Cocoa

Ethan, Take Care Center
For me, the holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends, but they can also bring a lot of stress. As a family of four, we bake more and drink hot chocolate together, which can be a bit messy when children are involved! We let the kids stay up a little later doing Facetime or Skype with family and friends who are far away. After the holiday meal with family in Vermont, we go sledding, or do other outdoor activities. However, after the cooking, cleaning and chaos with a family of four, we shut off all of our electronics and the lights in the house, except for the lights on the Christmas tree. We light a handful of candles around the house and just sit in silence. It’s at that time we take a couple minutes to relax, reflect, and remember why we celebrate this time of year. We give thanks to something bigger than ourselves.

Stephanie, Commercial Operations
My fondest holiday memory was always Christmas Eve with my Dad.  Living in a log cabin, we always had the fire going, hot cocoa, and movies until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I would always try to stay up as late as I could to see Santa, but never made it.  The best part wasn’t the presents but the memories of us together during the holidays... making cookies for Santa and prepping for our Christmas Eve shindig!

Chelley, Sales
During this stressful time of year there are a couple things that my family have adopted as our traditions. One of my favorites is making applesauce and cinnamon ornaments.  My daughter taught us how to make these by mixing the two ingredients to a dough-like texture and rolling them out. We use cookie cutters to make fun shapes and bake until firm. My kids love to give these to teachers, coaches, and friends as a holiday gift.  I am especially grateful for the fantastic fragrance it leaves lingering around the house for days after they’ve been made.

Alan, Quality Assurance
Growing up, the winter season was about family time, spent outside building snowmen or inside watching films on the couch, snuggled in blankets and drinking hot chocolate. One tradition that continues is a family get-together with my father’s side on Christmas Eve. We spend time with relatives catching up with each other and playing games, while also enjoying each other’s cooking. Last year, we had a revelation while looking at family pictures of Christmases past: we noticed that my father has worn the same Looney Tunes Christmas-themed tie for almost 25 years! We all had a laugh. Hopefully he will continue to wear it for the next 25 years for my future grandchildren to see.

Lynne, Administration
As a child growing up with 2 brothers, 3 sisters, and my mom—a single parent—I have a special memory that reminds me what Christmas is really about.  I was 8 or 9 and Christmas was such an exciting time. For once I wouldn't have to wear hand-me-downs, but would actually get something brand new!  This year was no different and each of us would get two gifts, never toys or video games but practical gifts--clothes, shoes, or blankets.  Like every year, my mom wrapped all of our presents in brown paper bags.  But this particular year she drew pictures on each gift, hints of what was inside.  I remember the seven of us sitting in a circle, laughing and trying to guess what each gift could possibly be.  Of course there was excitement about the actual presents, but more than anything we enjoyed the connection we were all feeling.  The love, time, and effort my mother put into each package has lasted my lifetime! Forty years later, I have no idea what the gifts were, but still remember the feeling of love shared that Christmas morning.

Do you have a December moment to share? Visit us on Twitter and let us know!

Author: New Chapter Staff