The Next Chapter in Quality

The Need for Mushroom ID

Mushrooms are notoriously tricky to identify. For every remarkable species with distinct benefits, there may be a look-alike that’s fundamentally different at a genetic level. So, for as long as humans have been benefiting from medicinal mushrooms, we’ve relied on experts to verify their correct identity. Think of the wisewoman, centuries ago, carefully wild-crafting mushrooms in the Siberian forest to supply her village. Think of mycologists—mushroom specialists—steadily building our body of knowledge on the characteristics that distinguish each mushroom species. And think of New Chapter®, the innovative supplement company, using the latest advanced technologies to verify and guarantee that you’re getting the exact mushroom you paid for.

Identity Assured

Search for the True Reishi

Reishi mushrooms are a useful case study for why we need mushroom ID. Why? Because Reishi mushroom identification shows the importance of precision. While Reishi is usually called Ganoderma lucidum, there are different varieties of Reishi lumped under this name. The authentic Lingzhi variety is a mainstay in the Chinese herbal tradition: consumed by emperors and long respected for its many benefits. Recently, mycologists DNA-matched Lingzhi with a specific Chinese variety of Ganoderma lucidum. New Chapter tested samples of products labeled G. lucidum and found that some do deliver the renowned Chinese variety—including ours. But others are formulated with less studied Ganoderma forms, such as a North American or European type. New Chapter seeks to deliver the true Lingzhi, with studied benefits and a long history of use… so that’s what you’ll find in our LifeShield products.