Prenatal Nutrition: Caring for Two

After that first single cell comes alive, every ounce of your baby’s growing body comes from you, Mom. The vitamins and minerals you consume during pregnancy are your baby’s primary building blocks for growth. You're taking great care to eat well!


Unique daily supplements for you and your baby

You and your baby need daily nutrition that supports a healthy pregnancy and fetal development. It’s no small challenge. Our daily diets may not always meet the unique nutritional needs associated with pregnancy. That’s why taking a daily prenatal multivitamin and mineral is common practice for most pregnant women. Look for one that offers fermented ingredients and is gentle on the stomach—like New Chapter®'s Perfect Prenatal multi.


DHA and omega fatty acids

Finding a fish oil that is rich in omegas is a great way to support a healthy pregnancy. Fish oil contains an abundance of omega fatty acids—particularly Omega-3s (DHA & EPA), often referred to as "good fats”. These help support cognitive health and brain function.

DHA, in particular, is important during pregnancy. Emerging research suggests the whole complement of vital omegas found in a naturally pure fish oil may play an important role in delivering critical DHA to your growing baby.