Women’s Wellness: Three Key Areas

Daily Nourishment

Certain nutrients can help to support critical areas like bone health, breast health, stress and immune support and hormone balance. If you supplement with a New Chapter women’s multivitamin, you’ll get these nutrients in their whole-food complexed form, as well as targeted herbal blends that help support specific areas of women’s health.

Bone Health & Calcium

Women generally recognize the need for bone-nourishing calcium, especially once you reach age 30, when bone density begins to slowly decline. We can maintain our bone strength if we build new bone as quickly as we remove old bone. But we age, our body struggles to maintain this balance and calcium supplementation can be helpful. In addition, Calcium alone is not enough. The body needs other critical nutrients to ensure the calcium gets absorbed into our bones.

Brain Support with Good Fats

Did you know that Health Canada recommends having at least two servings of Omegas each week, particularly from fatty fish such as salmon? These good fats can be great food for the brain, supporting cognitive health and brain function. But it’s not always easy to keep track of your weekly Omega intake. Click "The New Chapter Approach" to learn more!